Take a little stroll down the Avenida de las Pulgas, where I have set down for posterity the story of my life, complete with typos and a blueberry stain on page eighteen.

Le Dad

My dad, Bill (1920-2009), was easily the coolest guy I know. At an age when many people have were sitting around the porch pulling out their gall bladders and showing them to their neighbors, Dad was still running guns to -- oops, check that. No, actually, he used to take medical supplies and the like down to Central America a couple times a year, when he wasn't trying to get arrested here. Drove himself down, too, and back. And still found the time to memorize the 49ers offensive line. Plus, Duke Ellington once gave him a tape of original music (really).

This is a very cool article that appeared on Dad in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

La Mom

My mom, Naemi (1927-1977), used to write a lot of charming and funny light verse for the local paper. This is one of the few we still have lying around.