Tour d'Afrique 2014

[NOTE:  Click here for the 2016 version of the TDA report]

From January 5th to April 2nd, I bicycled from Khartoum, Sudan, to Lilongwe Malawi as part of the Tour d'Afrique 2014. (The full Tour goes all the way to Cape Town, but I left early 'cause I had to pee.)

Here's a couple dozen photos (and a few of my cartoons), mostly shot by fellow Tour riders Ian Wright and Jennilea Hortop. You can tell which photos are mine because they're the ones that look like they were taken by an epileptic on a roller coaster. 

Click on a photo to see its full-sized version.  I've added commentary. 

dsc02767.jpg dsc02791.jpg dsc02853.jpg
dsc03051.jpg dsc03081.jpg dsc03084.jpg
dsc03120.jpg dsc03151.jpg dsc03218.jpg
dscf3046.jpg dscf3073.jpg dscf3073b.jpg

Many thanks to Ian, Jen, and Jill Robertson for providing photos.

And to the amazing Tour d'Afrique staff (verily, you guys rocketh hard), and to
my fellow TDA riders for your companionship, humor, assistance, and spare toilet paper. 

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