Feel free to link to these cartoon pages, but please don't copy and distribute the images, because that's bad karma and it will cause you to grow a mole in an embarrassing spot.

Random Cartoons

Cartoons Batch 1

Cartoons Batch 2

Cartoons Batch 3

30 Cartoons in 30 Days

Every few years I've done a "30 Cartoons in 30 Days" fundraiser for At the Crossroads, a San Francisco
nonprofit that helps homeless youth: 

At the Crossroads Cartoon Campaign 2010

At the Crossroads Cartoon Campaign 2011

At the Crossroads Cartoon Campaign 2013

At the Crossroads Cartoon Campaign 2016

Comic Strip

I started a comic strip at one point, called "Big Blue Ball," but it wasn't very good.  I like these two excerpts, though.   

"Big Blue Ball" Comic Strip 1

"Big Blue Ball" Comic Strip 2

Maneki Neko

These aren't cartoons, per se, but some years ago I was asked to produce various alternative versions of
"Maneki Neko," the good-luck cat seen in many an Asian store, for a project called "Benri."  I have no idea
what "Benri" means. 

So I produced these.

Uh, and I also produced these.

Holiday Cheer!

A few holiday-themed cartoons