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Don't Just Save It ... UnDrownIt.

Drowning baby?  Let UnDrownIt™ deal with the hassle ... so you don't have to.   

Disrupting the baby-saving sphere

Traditional baby-saving is slow, time-consuming, and inefficient. And it doesn't integrate well with the other things you love to do. Coding. Ultimate Frisbee. Bro-coding. Sexual harassment.

Sure, you could take off your shoes and dive in to some scummy pond.  After all, that's the way people have rescued babies for centuries.  But technology changes everything.  Just because people folded their own laundry for centuries doesn't mean you have to.  Just because cab drivers are licensed professionals doesn't mean that every stranger who picks you up in his car should be. 

You're different.  You shouldn't have to save a drowning baby the same way that everyone else does.    

A better way

At UnDrownIt, we've created the perfect app to take care of all your drowning-baby-rescue needs.  No more taking off your shoes, diving into an algae-filled public pond (who knows who's been in there?) and risking your life and your clothes.  Now rescuing a baby is as fast and simple as pushing a button on your iPhone™ or Android™ phone.

UnDrownIt's patented Sink or Swim™ technology lets you decide when and where to rescue a drowning baby. 
Simply spot the drowning baby, start UnDrownIt, and you're done.  It's that easy.

At UnDrownIt, we believe that Looking Good Is Doing Good.™
From this:
To this!
In the cloud

You never know when you'll spot a drowning baby.  It might never happen.  But if it does — will you be ready? 

With UnDrownIt, you will.  UnDrownIt is as portable as your phone, and works anywhere there's a Wi-Fi connection.  Best of all, unlike traditional drowning baby rescue, UnDrownIt does its baby rescue in the Cloud, safely and cleanly, not in some mucky pond full of trash and contagious diseases. 

What's more, UnDrownIt is also available in an Enterprise Edition, so your company can save money by purchasing a volume site license — up to 50 seats on a single license.  That's enough to save a mid-sized company nursery's worth of drowning babies. 
Our Story

UnDrownIt's origins are pretty simple.  One day our CEO found himself by a reservoir near the Stanford University campus, when he suddenly noticed a baby struggling in the water.  His first notion was to jump in and rescue it, but he immediately thought, "There must be a better way."  And he sat down right then and there and began to create UnDrownIt. 

Over the years he and the UnDrownIt team crafted the perfect app, even testing it on his own former children, Maverick, Disrupt, and Excelsior.  Now, with the release of UnDrownIt 3.0 with KickSensor™, dealing with a drowning baby has never been more easy — or more fun!   


UnDrownIt plays seamlessly with the rest of your digital life — make a Vine, send a text, even chat up that unsuspecting hottie in Marketing, all while saving a drowning baby. 

With UnDrownIt, you can share videos of your rescues or Like other people's rescues — even start a flash mob rescue.  Meet other like-minded people while rescuing a drowning baby.  The world is your oyster. 

Like UnDrownIt?

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